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21 February 2014

Olympic Skeleton Helmets

Helmets for a Skeleton's Skull.

Helmets for a Skeleton’s Skull.

I’m not much of a sports guy. I attended a Superbowl party this year, but it was one of only 3 sports events I’d watched in the past 12 months.

But I do enjoy me some Olympics. One of my favorite things about these 2014 Sochi Games?


A relatively recent addition to the Olympics (apart from two early competitions some 50+ years ago), Skeleton is basically the luge, except you go down the track on your belly, face-first.


What’s even more awexome than the sport itself is the fact that they let the competitors customize their own helmets. This has led to some spectacular sights careening down an ice track.

I don’t want to step on anyone’s copyright toes (lame) by including images here on my website, but just click this link to do a Google Image Search for “Sochi Skeleton Helmets” —

You’ll be glad you did.

Whelp, I’m off to work now, and then this evening I’m off to Seattle to see Robb Benson and Nice Garçons! You should come to that, too! You’ll be glad you did.

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18 February 2014

Nocando, Open Mike Eagle, Milo, and Busdriver of the Hellfyre Club were at The Crocodile Last Night!

And so was I!

Hellfyre burns up the Crocodile.

Hellfyre burns up the Crocodile.

The Hellfyre Club represents pretty much the best in rap today. I always try to see them whenever they’re in town, so it was especially nice to have four of them in one show for efficiency!

My friends Cassie and Sandy were there before the show, and we all hung out with Open Mike Eagle and ate pizza and geeked out about Netflix shows. Sandy made home-cookies for the Club, even! Mike left to go get prepped, and we three wandered to the stage area where we found Jason “Three Ninjas” Brunet.

The show started out with Nocando:

Nocando can actually do raps.

Nocando can actually do raps.

Then came my pal Open Mike Eagle, who had a very special guest guarding his equipment setup:

The Ice King watches over us all...

The Ice King watches over us all…

Since this is me, I managed to make an animated .GIF of Mike doing his thang:

Open Mike Eagle Animated.

Open Mike Eagle Animated.

It was a great set. After it he and I talked about his fandom of They Might Be Giants (I suggested he could do an entire set of just songs that reference/quote TMBG songs).

After Mike came Milo:

Milo was all highs and no lows.

Milo was all highs and no lows.

I’d never seen Milo before, and had only ever heard songs where he was one among many peformers, never his solo stuff. I was terrifically impressed! That was some good stuff.

And finally came the meistro Busdriver:

Busdriver likes to ushnu.

Busdriver likes to ushnu.

I managed to capture two animated .GIFs of him:

An unusually calm Busdriver.

An unusually calm Busdriver.

In the driver we trust.

Get on the bus! In the driver we trust.

And then once everybody had gone solo, all four of ‘em got on stage together for another set of songs!

It was funtimes. Why weren’t you there? Oh, yeah, prolly ’cause it was on a Monday night, and I didn’t get home until almost 2:00 in the morning and had to get up at about 5:30 to get baby to her Grandparents and then get to work on time. Y’know. I’m feelin’ the sleeps today, but I tells ya, it was worth it.

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17 February 2014

Photos of Terrapin, The Old Salt, and Dreamy Weather

Saturday night after Fools Play I successfully walked the 2.5 blocks to Le Voyeur in time to catch the music show that was happening there. Of the 4 music acts, I had seen three of them before.

Frances Rose is a goddess who stuns you with her golden voice. Breathtaking as always.

Terrapin Productions drowns you in his wall of sound:

Terrapin: Shoe-Gazin' Rockstar

Terrapin: Shoe-Gazin’ Rockstar

The Old Salt attacks with his driven, unconventional soundscapes:

The Old Salt: Makin' Whale Songs

The Old Salt: Makin’ Whale Songs

The Old Salt and Terrapin Productions really complement each other’s sounds. They play in a similar genre but with very different styles.

But the real revelation of the night was Dreamy Weather, whom I’d never heard of before this show:

Dreamy Weather: Dreamy Duet

Dreamy Weather: Dreamy Duet

A duet with a ukulele/vocalist and an electric guitarist, Dreamy Weather blew me away. Evelyn (ukulele/vocals) has a sing-songy, high voice like Katharine Whalen (of Squirrel Nut Zippers) or Nataly Dawn (of Pomplamoose), but with a bit more power behind it. And she looks like a cross between Zooey Deschanel and Lisa Loeb. Plus she plays the ukulele, which is always a bonus for me:

Dreamy Weather: Ukulele Lady

Dreamy Weather: Ukulele Lady

Completely adorable and enjoyable. Evelyn and Frances Rose geeked out about Beyoncé between all the sets. Dreamy Weather only performed a small handful of songs, but that’s just because they’ve only been playing together for a very short time and don’t really have any more songs. I totally would love to see them perform again soon.

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13 February 2014

The 1st Annual South Sound Improv Comedy Festival was Last Night

1st Annual South Sound Improv Comedy Festival.

Funtimes Were Had by All.

Last night Fools Play Improv was excited to be invited to be one of the 5 troupes in the 1st Annual South Sound Improv Comedy Festival. The others were:

And finally, the troupe that organized the whole thing, the brand-spanking-new Something Wicked, which is put on through Harlequin Productions. Yes, the same Harlequin Productions where Fools Play was briefly based for a while in about 1999.

The show was divided into two parts. In the first part each troupe performed a short (15-minute) set of whatever they wanted to do. Though I believe Unexpected Productions and Fools Play were the only troupes that didn’t go over their allotted time rather significantly.

And since I am myself, I of course made an animated GIF of part of the show:

Generation Friends gets a live suggestion from the audience.

Generation Friends gets a live suggestion from the audience.

In the second half of the show, each troupe led a game that incorporated some members of the various other troupes.

It was a pretty fun night. Kalum the Teal Fool and Andre the Crimson Fool absolutely killed it with their characters “Reverend Jim Peaches” and “Augustus” respectively. And it was good to network with a bunch of other improv troupes in the area. The possibilities for co-shows and collaborations with the other Oly troupes is tantalizing.

Special thanks must go out to the alien from Cocoon who made a surprise appearance:

Cocoon alien

Click here if you don’t get this reference.

And Big Thanks to Christian Doyle (The Gamers, JourneyQuest) and Mark Alford for organizing this shindig.

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14 January 2014

Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount at Bob’s Java Jive

Coffee Pot Rock

Coffee Pot Rock

Last Saturday night I ventured down into the Nalley Valley to attend the music show Teapot Pop Extravaganza (though there is some controversy about calling it a “teapot” vs a “coffee pot” vs a “kettle”) featuring Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount!

I'm a Great Big Teapot...

I’m a Great Big Teapot… or Coffee Pot… Or Kettle…
Bob’s Java Jive, Tacoma. Photo by NoJuan

Have you never been to Bob’s? You haven’t!? But it’s “World Famous” (self-proclaimed). It’s a bit of a dive bar, actually, though it has been ever-so-slightly fixed up in the last few years. There is no longer gross carpet on every single surface of the interior. The actual coffee pot is pretty small, and just contains the bar; most of the seating and the stage is in the building attached to the back of the pot.

Bob's Wold Famous Java Jive

Bob’s Wold Famous Java Jive

The show was opened by Vigilante Santos from Seattle, who had an excellent pianist. Then JM+FFD took the stage to much acclaim. It was very gratifying to see how many people got in that building and really responded positively to their musics.

And because I’m me, I of course made (with Google’s help) an animated .GIF of the band rockin’ out inside that Coffee Pot! This is one of my favorites, showcasing some nice fretwork by Geoff B. Gibbs (on bass), and I was actually at a good angle to get Dom “The Nizzle” Cortese (on drums) in the image, instead of having him be hid behind the other band members:

Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount: Jiving in a Java Pot!

Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount: Jiving in a Java Pot!

Tacoma natives Trees & Timber took the stage next, but we had a wee beb at our house with a babysitter, so we only stayed for a couple of their songs. It’s too bad Red Jacket Mine didn’t play earlier in the night so we could hear them. We saw them many moons ago at a kids’ show at Freemont Abbey (where they also shared the stage with JM+FFD).

This was the only show on JM+FFD’s events calendar in January, so I hope you caught it. Their next one isn’t scheduled until the end of February! But likely some show(s) will pop up between now and then so you don’t go into too much withdrawal.

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7 January 2014

The Next Generation of Fools

2013 was a pretty major year for Fools Play Improv: Our 20th Anniversary, moving to a new venue at Olympia Family Theater, getting two new Fools, and of course one fact that stands out pretty strongly: THREE of the Fools had wee babies in 2013!

Fools Play Improv: The Next Generation!

Pictured: Hilary the Navy Fool with her baby boy Remy, Chris the Purple Fool with his baby girl Avery, and Jamie the Ginger Fool with his baby boy Emmett.

We got all three of them together in one room for the first time shortly before the holidays. Avery turned out to be quite the flirt! First she held hands with Emmett:

I wanna hold your hand!

I wanna hold your hand!

Then she tried to make out with Remy!

Come over here, baby!

Come over here, baby!

Could these wee bebs become Fools someday? Well, Nathan the Orange Fool’s eldest daughter is already almost of the age where she might consider joining up (she could be the Tangerine Fool—how cute would that be?). And in 15 or 16 years, these three might take up our reigns as well.

It’s crazy to think that just a year ago none of us had babies and we hadn’t even met the Teal Fool and the Crimson Fools. But it’s nice to know that we’re grooming the next generation of Fools.

Now what the heck is gonna happen in Fools Play’s 21st year!? Let’s find out!

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24 December 2013

There’s Still Time for Last-Minute Snowflakes This Christmas Eve!

It’s Christmas Eve! Happy Christmas Eve!

If you look around your home this morning and think, “You know, this is nice and pretty and all, but I wish I could have decorated more,” well, don’t worry: it’s never too late!

All you need are some pieces of paper and some scissors, and you too can make some pretty pretty holiday snowflakes to tape up around your house. I like to tape them up to the windows, personally. Below is the batch that I made this year. Here’s a “fun” game: one of these snowflakes was made by special guest snowflake-maker Josh Hird the Maroon Fool. Can you guess which one?

If you guessed correctly, you “won” the game!

Oh, and here’s one that I made at (and left at) work, so it doesn’t really count as one I have decorating my house, seeing as how it isn’t at my house. I have only this insagram of it:

You shouldst make your own! It is really very easy, and I wrote a how-to article a couple of years ago that explains how-to:

A Holiday How-To: Christmas Snowflakes!

Hope today and tomorrow are happy for all y’all! Let me know if you do make some snowflakes (or if you already have). I’d love to see them! Huzzah!

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