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Thursday, 14 October 2004

"Meet the Dog Buddha!"

Hello! I’ve been having trouble getting a good, full night’s sleep lately. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that I’ve been having extremely vivid dreams. Not necessarily bad dreams; just really well-constructed dreams. Like this one, for example:

On the side of the road was a structure with an open end (my dream people couldn’t decide whether it was a garage or the trailer part of a tractor-trailer). Posted on a sign outside the open door was a sign that read, “Meet the Dog Buddha.” Inside the garage/trailer were three women (<sarcasm>jeez, that’s not symbolic of Buddhism or anything</sarcasm>), each of whom had a dog on a leash. If your dog was depressed or needed spiritual guidance or something, you could take it into the garage/trailer, and a woman would fill a food dish with dog food. Then one of the three Buddha dogs (it was never clear whether one of them was the Dog Buddha and the others were fakes or whether somehow all three were the Dog Buddha together) would come forward and eat out of the food dish. Then you’d bring your dog forward and it would eat out of the same dish as the Dog Buddha. And this would somehow help your dog to feel better.

I don’t usually have dreams that are that full of symbolism. I know.

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