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Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Dragon Blood: The Dream

Last night I had a really cool dream. And then I dreamt its sequel. Well, actually it was more like the first dream I had was a movie, and then the second was the first episode of the television series based on the movie.

An evil corporation was trying to find some ancient Chinese dragon blood so that the greedy and cruel CEO could infuse himself with it and therefore live forever. However, through some sort of accident I ended up getting infused with it, which enabled me to tranform into a huge (100 meters long or so) white Chinese dragon. The CEO realized that some random guy (me) had accidentally gotten the dragon blood, and so sent out squads of goons to find me.

In order to hide from the evil corporation that was hunting me, I found a young girl who had chronic nightmares and hid in her dreams, where I would fight off her nightmares. It was a symbiotic relationship; nobody could find me in her dreams (obviously), and I helped get rid of her nightmares. Her mother was also an important character. I think she was kind of like my love interest, but I know she was also distrustful of me as well for some reason.

Eventually the CEO managed to synthesize more dragon blood, since the real stuff had been in his lab. But the synthesized blood was unstable. It transformed him into an insane black Chinese dragon that was only a raving monster. But the synthesized blood was close enough to real blood that the CEO could sense that I was hiding in this girl’s dream, and so the black dragon burst out of the corporation’s skyscraper and flew towards the girl’s house.

I could sense the evil dragon coming, and knew that it was going to kill the girl to get to me, so I had to leave the girl’s dreams very suddenly. I fought the evil black dragon in a big battle in the sky, but it was so ferocious that it managed to slash three deep gashes on the left side of my dragon face and knock me out of the sky and back into human form. With me out of commission the CEO flew back towards the little girl’s house with the intention of killing her so that I couldn’t escape back into her dreams. I, however, managed to summon the fortitude to transform back into the white dragon, and I flew past the enraged black dragon and got to the girl’s house first.

In order to protect the girl I had to abduct her, much to the chagrin of the girl’s mom. From her point of view a giant white dragon with three huge gashes in its face suddenly flew from out of nowhere, reached into her daughter’s room and flew off with her. Very traumatic for the mom, but the girl recognized me as the dragon from her dreams and so assumed that she was dreaming. I played along and told her that I was here to protect her from a nightmare—the raplidly approaching black dragon.

(Interestingly, the little girl was the only person who could understand me when I was a dragon, since I couldn’t actually speak English in that form. I think our dream-link gave us a limited form of telepathy or something like that)

The black dragon managed to catch up with me as I was flying away with the girl and we fought another titanit battle. But the synthesized black dragon blood started to break down and the black dragon started to freak out. As the sun rose I managed to wrap myself around it boa-constricter-style and squeeze it to sleep. It fell to the ground in a big field and transformed back into the CEO, who was quickly picked up by his underlings.

Exhausted, I floated gently to the ground with the little girl and transformed back into my human form. The mom came running up and was tearfully relieved that her daughter was okay. She started to thank me, because she thought that I was just some guy who found her, but then she noticed that my human face had three huge scars across it that looked exactly like the scars on the face of the dragon that “kidnapped” her daughter. She slapped me and started screaming at me to stay away. But then the little girl intervened and said that I was a goodguy because in her “nightmare” I was a dragon and I saved her from an evil dragon. She still thought it was all just a dream!

The mother realized that I actually saved her daughter and so reluctantly thanked me, but she didn’t want anything to do with me until she realized that I was also the one who was helping the girl fight off her dream nightmares. The mom and I formed an uneasy truce where I was allowed to go into the girl’s dreams to help her with her nightmares, but if I ever put her in danger again the mom would kill me.

Back at the corporation, the evil CEO revealed that he had no memory of being the monstrous black dragon. The synthesized blood was declared a failure, but the CEO said that that’s okay; they’ll just try again and again until they get it right…

Wow! At that point I woke up, went to the bathroom, and then came back to bed, where I had this dream:

I was now friends with special guest star David Duchovny. He was exhausted with work, and so I brought him into the little girl’s dreams with me so he could be entertained by watching me fight off her nightmares. This particular nightmare was a big, round, gorilla-like thing. The setting was a lot like something out of Batman Begins. It was in an old wooden building and during our fight we kept on crashing through walls and floorboards and stuff like that.

The next day, back at the evil corporation where I was an employee (somewhat of an assistant to the evil CEO), they’d been trying for a couple of months now to synthesize dragon blood, but their three test subjects didn’t respond right; none of them turned into dragons. It made one only able to see a pinkish-beige color. Another was hospitalized with some other symptoms. I recognized all these as partial dragon traits. The CEO was now hiding the fact that the back of his right hand had a subtly scaly pattern on it.

Unfortunately I woke up at this point, so I don’t know how the rest of the episode went. But I have a feeling that the television series would work like a monster-of-the-week show, where the test subject for the synthesized dragon blood would turn into some sort of monster that I would have to fight at the end of the episode.

My dream people are AWESOME.

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