Saturday, 29 April 2006

Just Bring It Stick It

Yesterday (Friday) I was feeling a little bits of better than Thursday, though still not over the cold yet.

Carrie & I played a lot of Mario Kart. We’re really getting back into it after having not played much for the last 23 years, give or take.

We went down to “Garden Sphere” on Proctor (just north of 30th, across that li’l bridge) where Carrie bought some more schtuffs for her garden, including a tomato plant, a green bell pepper plant, and another type of lettuce. I bought another impatien for my little corner area.

Carrie was out most of the afternoon, first shopping and then going house-looking with Christine. She says it’s really good experience for when we want to buy a house. I can’t argue with that!

At 5:30 or so she came home and picked me up and we went over to Cat’s house and hung out there. Carrie made wicked strong white Russians for herself and Cat, and Cat is always hilarious when she gets some hooch into her. Steph stopped by and had a white Russian as well, and then Heather & Chris came over as well.

Then around 7:00 I put Carrie & Steph into my car and we drove to the big Lakewood cinemas where we met Carly, Christine, and Lawrence (Heather & Chris drove separately). Together we all saw Stick It, the new movie by the writer of Bring it On. I’m going to definitely write a review of it soon (hopefully tomorrow morning), but general consensus was that it wasn’t quite as good as Bring it On, but very good nonetheless. The fact that Carrie smuggled white Russians into the theater in Starbucks frappuccino bottles probably helped (a bottle was given each to Christine, Steph, and Carle, and well as Carrie having one).

After the movie Steph was very tipsy so we took her home with us where we watched the excellent show Numb3rs. Then I drove (with Carrie) Steph to her car, not so she could drive, but so she could get all of her stuff out of the backseat. Then we took her to her apartment before coming home ourselves.

What can I say? Good Times… Good Times…

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