Friday, 27 October 2006

Perchance to Dream

Okay, I’ve been having crazily vivid dreams all week long. So I’m gonna have to write them down now just so as not to forget about them.

This most recent one happened between 8:00 and 10:00 this morning. For some reason I was following the characters “Spinner” and “Toby” from the TeleVision show Degrassi The Next Generation. Degrassi the school existed about where the real Stadium High School exists. Well, it seems these two characters had been vaulting a fence near the school (in fact within sight of the school) and going to a marijuana den. Having followed them there and realizing what was going on, I attempted to vault the fence back outta there.

However, just then the owners of the property, a middle-aged couple, came walking back towards the property. I couldn’t hide in time and they spotted me in their front yard (which had some walls within it for no reason). I lamely excused my presence by saying that I thought my dog had pooped somewhere in the yard, and I was looking for it so I could clean it up. I don’t think they believed me, but they turned out to be incredibly pleasant and apparently saw that I was a trustworthy sort of fellow, so they began showing me around.

They first spread their arms wide, encompassing the whole front yard, and said, “This is the front garden.” I noticed that off to the left a Polynesian-looking gardener was eying me suspiciously and dragging some cargo netting across an opening in some shrubbery that looked like it led to another garden area, no doubt where the pot plants were.

The woman, who now looked suspiciously like my capoeira instructor, continued the tour, walking right past and completely ignoring the pot den. She instead brought me to the edge of the hill that looked down onto Puget Sound. Their property dipped all the way to the edge of the water, and they’d built a fake beach down there (a tiny one). It was gorgeous. She brought me around to the other side where a wide, gentle stream emptied into the sound and was framed by stately, lazy willows bathed in golden sunlight. Even more beautiful! They were in the process of creating another beach just where the stream met the sound. As we were talking, the gardener re-appeared, eyed me suspiciously, got on a jet ski and sped off.

There were two out-buildings up on the hill overlooking these breathtaking vistas, and I inquired about them. The husband re-appeared and showed me the outsides of these. The first one was decorated Polynesian-style, and had a rather long staircase lead up to a small coffee bar with tons of flavored syrups up there. He said it wasn’t done yet, but that it was indeed going to be a coffee bar.

The second building was more old-west in style, and had a sign that said something about it being a bank. It even had a fake counter in front. The wife then took back over and led me around the corner from the counter, where the building had a wide and tall opening and I was able to see that it was actually an enormous two-story library. I expressed my admiration. The wife jokingly said how when they’d visited their daughter at college they found it so strange that all of the daughter’s books fit on one bookshelf. This was a lifetime of collecting books. She informed me that I could borrow anything I liked.

I found a sci-fi and fantasy section right by the door, but all it had were dozens of anthology books of Asimov’s and Clarke’s stories. I asked if they had any more anywhere else, and she said they might have more upstairs. So we went upstairs, which was packed with people. Evidently they were having some sort of a party. I quickly glanced through many of the shelves but didn’t find any more sci-fi books. I did, however, look out all of the windows, which looked out through the golden willows at the lazy stream. Breathtaking.

The woman came back a couple of minutes later with a book for me (something with “Mice” in the title, though I can’t remember specifically). She said she thought I’d enjoy it, and checked it out for me. I opened the front cover and, indeed, the return date was stamped on a card on the inside there, just like in a real library.

She went into a door and started down a long staircase that (I believe) went to an exit door at one of the two beaches I’d seen earlier. I thumbed though the book for a minute and then decided I might as well follow her.

When I got to the stairway doorway, however, I discovered that she was stopped about halfway down by my brother, who was asking her some questions about where some certain books were or something. She said he was welcome to look around, but that she didn’t have time to show him herself. My brother then stated that it was very important that she answer, because this was a “police matter.” I looked up and noticed that there was a man wearing a dark trenchcoat and a fedora standing on a balcony, menacingly overlooking my brother and the woman.

I backed away from the door and nonchalantly began reading the book, pretending that I hadn’t heard. Evidently my brother was a DEA agent sent to bust the pot-growing operation on the property. I thought I had plausible deniability—I could plead ignorant about knowing there was pot on the premises. I thought that I should probably come up with a better excuse than my dog took a dump in their lawn, especially since I don’t actually have a dog…

At this point I decided that, as nice as this couple had been to me, that if the law was gonna crack down on them then I needed to just leave before the shit hit the fan. So I went up and returned the book at the counter. The girl there seemed confused by the fact that it was just checked out moments before, but accepted it nonetheless. As I turned around to walk away I heard someone else say, “That was fast.”

At this point my alarm went off, but I so wanted to see what happened next that I told it to go off in another fifteen minutes or so and went back to sleep.

Continuing: I figured for some reason that it wouldn’t be safe to just try to walk out the front door. No doubt there was a swat team waiting to arrest all of the people leaving the pot den, or something. Fortunately on the roof of the library there was a gigantic hover disc.

Now here’s where the dream started to break down. There was some sort of indistinct action scene involving me vs my brother, and in the end I ended up getting injured. My ribs, I think, and there was blood involved. The problem was I didn’t know exactly what had happened because my dream people skipped right over all of the details. All I knew was there was I had had to hide next to the Polynesian-looking outbuilding from the fedora-wearing detectives and now I was hurt. So my solution was to climb back up the outside of the library to get one of the flying discs (now there were several, and they weren’t any bigger than a manhole cover). I used it to fly myself to the hospital, which was conveniently just around the corner. My dream people started to try to initiate a chase sequence a-la that scene in The Incredibles where the people in those discs are chasing Dash around. But they decided it wasn’t a good idea or something, because it was quickly dropped and I made my way to the hospital with little incident (all that happened was I had to figure out that you had to tilt the hover disc in the opposite direction that you wanted it to go; very counter-intuitive).

At this point I woke up again, and grudgingly decided to wake up. My dream was no longer taking place at the completely awesome property that my dream people had designed, and I had escaped from the DEA agents, so there seemed little point in continuing.

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