Thursday, 1 February 2007

Of the Month: February ’07

Link of the Month:
Yes, I am a nerd. And as a nerd I tend to like all things that Joss Whedon does. This site is a news aggregate site dedicated entirely to the Jossverse, Joss projects, as well as the careers of almost anybody who was in any way ever associated with any of his TV shows or movies.

DVD of the Month:
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr
I really liked this show when it was on originally. Now it’s starting to show its age a little bit. The budgets were obviously tiny. It has a bit of the A-Team thing when it comes to how often people get shot in proportion to how much people get shot at. It wraps up its main plot about eight episodes before the end of the series. But Bruce Campbell is just so durned entertaining, and the show nevar takes itself too seriously. It’s just a good, fun romp.

Game of the Month:
The Advantage: The Advantage
The Advantage is one of those NES cover bands. They’re like a soft-rock version of The NESkimos. But some of their covers are surprisingly tight, and so close to the source material that you almost forget you’re listening to actual people playing actual instruments! Especially good are their Castlevania covers. They also have an unusual selection of songs, including a handful of "password screen" types of songs. It’s worth a listen.

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