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Tuesday, 1 May 2007

"Of the Month" May ’07

Link of the Month:
Gasp! A website that actually has rom downloads for almost all of the major consoles and handhelds? In this day and age of the cease-and-desist letter and the threatened lawsuit! Jeez, you’d better get over there and grab as many as you can before this place gets shut down! For realz!

DVD of the Month:
Pan’s Labyrinth
I am a bit shocked that this did not win the best foreign film Oscar. Similar in tone and setting to Del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone, this one far surpasses it in intriguing imagery and some genuine shock value. This is a fairy tale that is not at all for children.

Album of the Month:
The Wastelanders: BlackHearted American Water
After many years, The Wastelanders have put out their sophomore effort. Having evolved over the ensuing years from a stripped-down country punk trio into a full-on-dirty-southern-rock-garage-sounding quartet (with the addition of an extra guitar), this album is 11 tracks of growling, screeching, shouting, wailing good times.

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