Tuesday, 24 July 2007

No, You Can’t Have a Beagle. Not Yours.

Fantastico is very lucky. Yesterday (Monday) we almost brought home a puppy.

Well, it would have been 2 years old. Lemmie essplain:

One of the Bead Babes has a friend whose mum has a bunch of pets, and for some reason (medical, probably) she had to get rid of all of them. Carrie has been itching to get a dog since the Bead Festival ended, and one of the pets was a Beagle. Seemed like a perfect match.

But because Carrie went away to Canada for the weekend, the Beagle was already given away to someone else yesterday. Which I think is actually for the best, because I read several articles that cautioned about having a Beagle if you have a cat (’cause Beagles are bread to hunt small game like rabbits and hares and bunnies). And I’ve always made it perfectly clear that even when we do get a dog, Fantastico has to be the #1 pet. She’s going to hate it for a while no matter what, though.

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One thought on “No, You Can’t Have a Beagle. Not Yours.”

  1. Leah says:

    Oh man. You don’t want a beagle anyway. They are like one of the top 10 dumbest dogs out there.

    Look it up if you don’t believe me.


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