Sunday, 1 July 2007

"Of the Month" July ’07

Link of the Month:
This website is an absolutely great resource on how to increase the productivity and fully utilize the customizability of not only your computer systems and programs, but your life. Everything from Firefox extensions to how to build your own air conditioner for about 30 bucks.

Book of the Month:
Runaways Vol 3
I really enjoy this comic book. It’s the story of a group of teenagers who discover that their parents were all supervillains. By the time of this third volume they’re relatively well established, but they’re still dealing with all the usual teenage crap. It’s just way more well-written than most teenage crap is.

Album of the Month:
Busdriver: RoadKillOvercoat
Speed-rapper Busdriver’s latest opus, this is probably his musically strongest album ever. In addition to his usual jaw-dropping verbal agility, RoadKillOvercoat has some surprisingly melodic and beautiful songs. It is probably my favorite Busdriver album to date.

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