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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Hey, I Know That Guy

Hey, everybody who knows Geoff should go watch this trailer for a movie by clicking the picture below:

Also, click here!

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What The!?

So the last couple of days have been pretty un-eventful. Yesterday (Monday) Carrie & I went over to her folks’ house and barbecued a whole bunch of good food. There was, let’s see, Yoshida salmon, zucchini, potatoes with onion & garlic, and green beans with bacon. Carrie went and picked up Grandma K. from her place; I went straight to the Hamm house; and Carrie’s folks met us all there, straight from the airport. They’d been in Kansas visiting Jim’s mother, and their plane only arrived that…Whoa, wait a minute, what was that? Was that a picture of a dog? In my yard? What the!?

Let me take another look:

Hey, waitaminute, what’s that dog doing in my car now? That must be how it got to my yard. But why would a dog go in my car?

Well, the answer is probably pretty obvious. On Saturday, Carrie & I got a dog. We went in the morning to Ikea and bought dog supplies, then in the early afternoon we went to the Tacoma Humane Society and when we left an hour later, a dog came with us.

We named her サツキ (Satsuki), but we just call her スキ (“Suki”). She’s a four-year-old, 43 lb Spaniel mix (probably mostly German Spaniel). She’d been living in the wild for upwards of five months, so she’s still VERY skittish and shy, but she’s getting steadily better as the days go on. She has a mild case of “kennel cough,” but that’s hardly surprising considering she was at the Humane Society for four days before we got her.

Carrie is very excited. She’s been wanting a dog for YEARS. Fantastico, however, is not so excited. She’s mostly just confused as to why that thing is still here. Dogs have been over to our house before, but they’ve always left after a while. Suki’s been here three nights running!

So anyway, yes, we have a dog. Yes, you can come visit her. But, no, she can’t hang out with your dog(s) until she’s over her kennel cough and no longer contagious (two weeks from now).

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