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Thursday, 9 August 2007

Must Have Been Some Impact

Aight! It’s late. I need to go sweeps. Peeps! Let’s see what happened yesterday (Wednesday (it’s after midnight after all—double afters)). Carrie went in to work a little late (on purpose), so I didn’t have to drive her there before heading to work myself.

Work itself was relatively uneventful, but it was the walk back to the car that was startling. I’d parked on Stadium Way, so as I was walking back up there I was eating some blackberries here and there. When I got to the section of the road where 4th I noticed something odd. See, 4th is a rather steep hill that points directly down to and ends at Stadium Way. Opposite 4th is just a super-steep hill covered in blackberries, with a fence and a guard rail. I noticed as I was walking up the sidewalk that the blackberry bushes seemed a lot farther away from the sidewalk than they were the day before. They used to be right up against the sidewalk, but now they were like eight feet away.

It was at that point that I actually started paying attention to my surroundings and noticed that the guardrail, the fence, and in fact the entire area at the end of 4th had been pushed away from the sidewalk. It looked as if something horribly heavy had come roaring down the hill and gone straight across Stadium Way, over the sidwalk, and into guardrail, pushing it, the fence, the blackberries, and a tree about eight feet from their usual position. It’d uprooted the guardrail’s posts completely out of the ground and also completely flattened a road sign.

Isn’t that amazing? It must have been one hell of an impact. Look at how crazily the tree is leaning in that first picture, and notice the completely-flattened sign and broken guardrail posts in the second picture. That guardrail should be right up against the sidewalk, maybe 2 feet away at its greatest distance.

The strangest thing of all, though? There was a toy guitar at the scene, just leaning up against the railing:

I didn’t notice any broken glass anywhere at the scene, though, so I’m really curious as to what could have possibly happened.

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