Monday, 27 August 2007

Welcome the Pink Fool

Fools Play was a very exciting show because it was the show where we officially announced that Jake Ynzunza was becoming the new Fool. We also revealed his color:


The show had a very funny ending. We watched “clips” from all the apprentices, and then announced that we were going to decide who would become the next Fool… via a waffle eating contest! We then announced the color of the new shirt, and neither Esa nor Josh were terribly thrilled about becoming the Pink Fool. But Jake was so excited at the waffles that he didn’t even notice the pink shirt, so when we said “go” the other two apprentices held back while Jake went hog wild. But after he won and we tried to give him the pink shirt he was so horrified at the thought of becoming the Pink Fool that he tried to refuse… until we revealed that as a Fool, he will get a weekly allowance of $200 from the till ever week.

It was then that Josh and Esa exclaimed their displeasure. We tried to point out that they didn’t even try to eat the waffles. But eventually we decided that we needed another way to decide the next Fool. I settled unilaterally on a Ladder Match, much to Mike’s hesitation. But Jake won the ladder match.

Afterwards Josh & Esa cut a wrestling-style promo in which they decided that they could no longer continue as apprentices, but they would find some other way to become a part of Fools Play by founding their own “renegade” improv troupe, the “New Fool Order.” They’d had T-shirts made for just such an occasion—the Fool head with X’d out eyes and an upside-down smile.

As they stormed out they said cheerfully that they’d see us all at Rib Eye.

Very funny.

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