Saturday, 15 September 2007

"Of the Month" September ’07

This, my 1,400th post, is only almost half a month late! Yikes! A lot has been going on, so fear not! There are a bunch of major updates coming down the pipeline… after next week (it’s our 3rd wedding anniversary on Monday, and Carrie & I are going to Orcas Island for the week. So no updates ’til I get back). But in the meantime, here are my “Of the Month” choices for September 2007:

Link of the Month:
Gaijin Smash
Gaijin Smash is the hilarious story of an African-American who decided to live in Japan. This resulting blog is one of the funniest, well-written, and least politically-correct websites on teh intarweb tubez right now

DVD of the Month:
Samurai Jack Season 4
The final season (sad and crying) of one of the very best animated television shows EVAR. I’d only actually seen ONE (1) of these episodes when they originally aired, becuase for some reason (I suspect mild retardation) Cartoon Network practically buried Season 4. But now I can watch them whenever I want! Take THAT, jerkoffs!

Album of the Month:
Dr. Octagon: The Return of Dr. Octagon
Back in 1996 we were introduced to Dr. Octagon, a deadly, libidinous, hilarious, and doped-up doctor. Unfortunately before he could put out another album, he was apparently killed by Dr. Dooom around the turn of the century. Turns out, though, that he wasn’t killed—he was abducted by aliens! After becoming embroiled in a plot by a gigantic gorilla to destroy and/or take over the cosmos, Dr. Octagon escaped to return to Earth. Now a much more enlightened being, he has dedicted himself to saving the planet from aliens, from our own destructive ways, from the afore-mentioned gorilla, and most importantly from terrible music! The Return of Dr. Octagon is an ingeniously hilarious, mind-bogglingly creative, and enjoyably bizarre hip-hop album unlike anything I’ve ever heard before.

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