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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

"Of the Month" January ’08

Link of the Month:
The Crime Lounge
A site dedicated to the cool world of crime, thriller, and spy music. 60s spy music is one of my all-time favorite music genres, and this site has hours and hours of it available, all free for downloading. Check out the newly-posted "Definitive Bond Soundtrack Collection." You have been authorized by Her Majesty’s Secret Service to access these music files…

Game of the Month:
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
All of the fun and none of the frustration of The Wind Waker! This Zelda game for the DS foregoes any traditional notions of play control: this game can be controlled ENTIRELY using the DS stylus! Touch the screen where you want Link to walk. Tap an enemy to attack it. Make slashing motions across the screen to have link swing his sword, or draw quick circles around him to have him do his spin attack! Draw a path on the screen for your boomerang to follow! The thing is, it isn’t just gimmicky; the stylus-based play control is easy, intuitive, and quickly becomes second nature, allowing you to concentrate on the fun of the story and puzzles of probably the best-ever handheld Zelda game of all time!

Album of the Month:
Cocco: Sangrose
Cocco is a female Japanse singer. Sungu Rose, released early in the new millenium, is a powerhouse of lush, rich, dramatic (some might say melodramatic), huge rock ballads. No, not ballads so much as full-on torch songs. With only a couple notable exceptions (the light and airy "Still" and the 80s Grrrl-sounding "Dream’s a Dream.") these songs seem to scream straight from a tearing heart laid completely bare. It’s a wonderful wall of pure, undiluted, Texas-sized emotion that pours over you in gigantic, crashing waves. But in the end the noise comes almost to envelop you in a strangely comforting warmth. Sorry if that description was a little out there, but there’s no realy way for me to write intellectually about such a raw (though extremely well-produced) album.

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