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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Everywhere But Here

The last week has been kind of a crazy week for weather here in the Pacific Northwest. Everywhere, that is, except for Tacoma.

It started last Thursday when an actual tornado struck Vancouver, WA.

Then Sunday and Monday were particularly beautiful days (apart from some morning fog). Sunny and warm on Sunday, sunny and cold on Monday.

Monday evening I finished watching The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the Q13 News at 10:00 came on with a big story about the huge winter storm that was slamming the Northwest.

“What!?” I exclaimed out loud. I rushed to the window. Completely clear. The TV was showing footage of cars struggling to drive in snow flurries and on snow-coated roads in Seattle. I let Suki out to potty in the backyard and discovered a beautiful, crystal evening with a clear, black sky and bright stars. The trees weren’t disturbed the the slightest wind.

Meanwhile in Puyallup a tree got blown over in a windstorm and smashed a garage.

This morning all the news reports were of snow, ice, and dangerous roads. Here in Tacoma it’s a beautiful, sunny day again. A little bit of ice on the ground, but not on any of the main roads at all.

It seems often that Tacoma is an anti-convergence zone. We tend to get the opposite weather that the rest of the Northwest is getting.

Very strange.

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