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Friday, 1 February 2008

"Of the Month" February ’08

Link of the Month:

We The Robots
My new favorite webcomic is about (surprise) robots! Robots who hold dead-end cubicle jobs and despair over their lives, just like real people!

Game of the Month:

Super Mario Galaxy
Man-o-man, I just cannot say enough good things about this game. But the one thing I love even more than the fantastic gameplay, the unbelievable gravity rules, and the sense of epic granduer, is the game’s aesthetics. The game is just gorgeous. And the design of the game’s universe is so incredibly inventive and original. There has never been any game quite like this.

Album of the Month:

Blue Scholars: Bayani
This is the 2nd album by local Seattle Hip-Hop duo Blue Scholars, which consists of Geologic on the mic and Sabzi as MC. Sabzi’s work on this album is truly phenomenal, weaving dense, interesting piano/synth lines with groovy horn sections and straight-up beats. Geologic grooves right along with his own hypnotic, almost monotone style. The lyrics are clever and intelligent and about things more important to life than just bitches and money. I’d really love to see them at a show.

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