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Saturday, 16 February 2008

In a Round-About Way

Earlier this week I was going through all of my They Might Be Giants music to see what I still needed to get in order to have a “complete” collection (knowing full well that some songs are impossible to get right now, like Monsters of Mud) of studio recordings by Them. In researching, I discovered that not only do They have a podcast (which I knew about and enjoy), but they’ve been doing a video podcast for kids as well!

It’s hosted by the Puppet Johns and they play a couple of videos from their two most recent kids’ album-slash-DVDs, Here Come the ABCs and Here Come the 123s. I’d seen most of the ABCs before, but I’d never seen the 123 videos.

One video in particular, the one for Eight-Hundred-Thirteen Mile Car Trip, struck me as being particularly well designed (and passably well animated for a low-budged flash video). So I went to This Might Be a Wiki and discovered that it was designed & animated by someone named Pascal Campion.

A quick Google search turned up not only a website for Pascal, but a blog as well! I have to say, I really dig his style. It has kind of a Maurice Noble vibe, but is still very individualistic. He’s got great lines and a phenomenal sense of color. He’s actually done a handful of videos for TMBG, including some on Venue Songs and ABCs.

Art by Pascal CampionIt’s safe to say that he’s one of my new favorite artists, and I discovered him in a very cool round-about way.

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