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Saturday, 15 March 2008

My New Favorite Animal

The microscopic Water Bear: Tardigrade!

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Thursday, 13 March 2008

No Jumping Through Hoops with Hulu

So this new(ish) website Hulu is offering a whole bunch of TV shows and movies that you can watch online for free (some have limited commercial breaks). There are some really interesting choices, such as Andy Richter’s cancelled Andy Barker, P.I. show!

It also has all of the original Battlestar Galactica episodes (plus the last five or six from season 3 of the new version), The Time Tunnel, Buck Rogers, Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot, the live-action The Tick, and the controversial Exo Squad cartoon!

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Octocat is Searching for Its Parents

A cartoon by a 13-year-old:

I especially like how Octocat talks a lot like Popeye.

Via Cartoon Brew.

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Monday, 10 March 2008

Creatively Satisfying

For the past couple of months I haven’t been working on any personal creative projects. I’ve just kinda been taking a break and doing other things, like playing Super Mario Galaxy and watching all the episodes of Battlestar Galactica that I can get my grubby mitts all up ons.

But recently my creative side started itching to get going again, so I had to think about what I really wanted to do. There are four main categories of creativity for me:


Fiction: short stories, screenplays, novels, etc.

Visual arts

Drawing, painting, CGI, etching, jewelry/pendant design, etc.


Crazy Boy Floyds songs!


Articles, Movie Reviews, etc.

Which one did I want to do? Did I want to focus intensively on one of them, like I did back in summer of 2006 with my “Painting of the Week” project? Or maybe like last fall when I wrote fiction stuff every night?

In the end I decided that there are seven days a week, and four creative activities. That’s plenty of time to do all of ’em, right?

Well, Saturday night & Sunday afternoon are already taken up with Fools Play, and that satisfies me creatively. I’d like to have a day or two off as well, but I can probably do stuff Sunday evenings.

So I figured I can work on these things one night a week each, on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, with Friday off and Wednesday as an optional “floater” day that I can switch with a different day if I have something else to do then (if I have a social engagement on Sunday evening, for instance, I can do stuff on Wednesday instead).

So every week I’m going to work on an Article or a Movie Review for this website, I’m going to work on a science fiction story, I’m going to draw or paint something (maybe I’ll even paint some robots!), and I’m gong to try to write a CBF song (the music for one, at least). I’m not promising that I’m going to COMPLETE any of these things every week; but I will at least try to work on all of them.

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Saturday, 1 March 2008

"Of the Month" March ’08

Link of the Month:
From the "About Oobject" page: "Oobject is somewhere between a blog and a directory. We pick topics for lists of gadgets . People then suggest items to go into them by tagging things as Oobject in wists. Visitors then vote on items to create something like ‘Billboard charts for gadgets’, voted by everyone. Some of the topics we pick will be standard categories such as ‘top digital SLRs’. These will be constantly updated over time, with new items. Other topics will be quirky and fun, one offs, where we find a particularly interesting topic such as ‘retro soviet gadgets.’ Each day, instead of single blog posts, we will feature a single topic which is new or has been newly updated."

DVD of the Month:
The Simpsons Movie
It’s really hard to dislike a movie when you’re laughing out loud every couple of seconds. Not only is The Simpsons Movie flat-out one of the funniest movies of the past several years, but it actually does a really good job of feeling like an honest-to-goodness movie and not just a long episode of the TV show.

Album of the Month:
Zero 7: Simple Things
Simple Things is my very favorite downbeat album, and by "downbeat" I don’t mean depressing. I mean that the songs and instrumentals are all mellow and laid back, but they also have an absurdly smoothe groove to them that I find irresistible. Supremely relaxed/groovy/funky bass lines and beats weave under densely layered, hypnotic guitar and synth lines. The vocals are all sung by voices that excellently match the smoothness of it all. It’s sexy stuff. It’s "smooVe" with a capital "V"

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