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Sunday, 1 June 2008

"Of the Month" June ’08

Link of the Month:
A website where you can watch TV online. It has a lot of really great, hard-to-find shows like Andy Barker, P.I., Exosquad, The Time Tunnel, Land of the Giants, She-Spies, etc. It also has recent fare like the new Battlestar Galactica, Ghost Hunters, and even recent episodes of Late Night with Conan O’Brien in case you fall asleep before it comes on. Good quality video with full-screen capability.

Game of the Month:
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
The best of the console Prime series (I haven’t played Hunters yet). Corruption is an enormous game that defies the usual Metroid formula by taking place on several different planets and having your spaceship be a useful game mechanic (besides using it as a save point and to fly between locations, you can use it to pick up objects and also do strafing runs in rooms that are open to the sky). The controls with the Wii remote are fantastic (as long as you have it on Advanced with High Sensitivity) and really feel like a mouse-plus-keyboard control scheme. Missions are surprisingly varied, and it took me upwards of 20 hours to play all the way through it (only getting 81% of items, though I later went back and collected all the ones I missed).

Album of the Month:
Takako Minekawa: Fun 9
Takako Minekawa is part of Shibuya-kei, the same musical genre that produced the Pizzicato Five and Cornelious (whom she would later marry). This 1999 offering from Takako (partially produced by Cornelious) is delightfully eclectic, with vocals layered over jazz/lounge samples and complex, broken electronica beats. It’s really good IDM with really good vocals.

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