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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The Fall (2008)

The Fall
(Is it real life? Or is it fantasy?)

Not since Julie Taymor’s brilliant Titus way back in 1999 have I seen a film so overflowing with such rich, imaginative imagery. Titus tied for my favorite film of 1999 (with Jim Jarmusch’s stunning Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai). It’s going to take a miracle of a film to top The Fall in 2008. [Read my full review here]

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Fools Play Rasslin’ League – This Saturday!

Do not forget to come and see FPRL this Saturday at the Midnight Sun in downtown Olympia! Also, the FPRL site has been conveniently re-designed and has info about all of the many, many new characters that we’re planning on debuting.

Forgetful though you are, do not forget.

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