Friday, 1 August 2008

"Of the Month" August ’08

Link of the Month:
Pink Tentacle
A nice little blog site that updates with interesting news and strange tidbits of information about those exotic lands across the Pacific Ocean. No, farther north. I mean Asia, idiot.

Book of the Month:
When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris
David Sedaris (Amy’s brother) is a really great essayist, and this is his latest collection. Funny, funny, funny collection.

Album of the Month:
Ballzack: Yeah Indeed
Ballzack, an hilarious bounce rapper from N’Orleans. This album is one of his bounciest to date with lots of great call-and-response, commands (especially in "Wine Candy," which is basically just a series of commands to do a bunch of different, made-up, food-related dance styles), and full as usual with Ballzack’s special brand of humor. Where most rappers write songs about (A) how good they are with the ladies and (B) how much prowess they have at rapping, Ballzack generally writes songs about (A) how horrible he is with the ladies (there’s a great bit in one song where he tries to do a call and response with an audience and they play along until he tries to get them to say good things about him), and (B) how he can’t really rap worth a damn. The songs are also full of references to specific New Orleans institutions, so they’re a big hit with my Katrina evacuee friends. Yeah, indeed.

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