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Monday, 6 October 2008

The Times, They Are A-Changin’

And so, soon, will this website! October will bring about a couple of new things here:

Switching to a new server
My current hosting service just got a big fat “F” from the Better Business Bureau. Time to jump from a sinking ship to a nice, shiny, new ship.
Bye-Bye, Blogger
Though I dearly love Google and its products, Blogger has increasingly become all about its Blogspot service and has all but abandoned we who are using it to upload content to our own websites. So, like Tangentbot before me, I’m going to be switching over to WordPress.

Holy crap! Yes, that’s right. When I switch over to WordPress I’m going to do a slight re-design on my website, the first one in about seven frikkin’ years (about durned time)!!! Don’t worry, it won’t be too different, but I’d like it to be a li’l bit more W3C compliant…

So, stay tuned for those! Oh, also, thanks for everyone who responded with ideas for my “Of the Month” stuff for October. Especially thanks to Taisha, who was the only one who actually commented on my post about it. For some reason everybody else emailed me, even though instructions were very clear that I wanted you to comment. Weirdos. Anyhoo, some good ideas, and I’ll put that up later today. Mucho!

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