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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

"Of the Month" October ’08

Link of the Month:
An aggregate site for all things horror, weird science, paranormal, and cryptozoological in the real world and in popular culture. The Monstropedia sub-section has detailed articles of over 1,500 different monstrous things.

DVD of the Month:
Bill’s Big Pumpkins
A fun, inspiring look at an offbeat corner of American gardening and the dedicated, hard-working, and slightly nutty people who inhabit it. Follow giant-pumpkin grower Bill Foss (he grows giant pumpkins; he’s not a giant himself) as he attempts to grow the biggest pumpkin in Minnesota history.

Album of the Month:
Black Eyes & Neckties: Apprarition!
A local (Bellingham-based) horror-punk-rock band who owe much to the Misfits and Murder City Devils. They rose from th same dirty rock scene that also spawned USS Horsewhip and the Wastelanders. Apparition! is a fierce blend of loud, buzzing guitars, spooky organ lines, pummeling rhythms, gravelly, shouted vocals, and horror-inspired lyrics. It has suitably horror-themed songs such as "Ghosts in Our Clothes," "Tide of Bones," "Bloodbath," and "Dirty From the Grave." Repeatedly voted the best rock band by readers of What’s-Up Magazine.

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