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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Stephen Fry is a Marvelously Lovable Drunk

From his Twitter feed last night:

What a pleasure it is to be quite enormously and unrepentantly drunk. Hic! xxxxxxx 

Then a couple of hours later:

I am now putting my rather fragile and oopsy self gently to bed. Love to you all and then more love and a spot more just for luck.Oh dear x 

And then again this morning:

Right. Well. Water. Down throat. Splashed on face. Bwaah! Better. Not too grim a hangover. My room a bomb site. Two hours to pack for home x 

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Sometimes It’s Really Nice to Live in the Future

Holy cow, yesterday I did a quick video chat with Jason of, and it was awesome! I have been wanting to do a video chat with someone since the 21st century rolled around, and now it’s easier than ever! I encourage you to get a Gmail account if you don’t have one, and set up Gmail Video Chat, and hit me up!

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