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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Visit Big Baby

This post is about Animal Crossing.

So on Sunday I bought over 1,000 turnips for 100 bells apiece. But in my town (which is named, as is tradition, “Big Baby”) the price of turnips kept going steadily lower and lower.

In Whimsi & Toraton’s town of Banoozi, though, turnips were selling for 507 bells apiece yesterday! So I went over there and made over 500,000 bells in profit.

What I’m trying to get at is that Animal Crossing: City Folk is a lot of fun when you go over to other people’s towns. Last week Whimsi came over to Big Baby and sold her turnips, and also brought over some non-native Cherries (and took home some Pears, which were non-native in Banoozi).

Some of you might already have the game, and some of you might be getting it for some upcoming holiday or something, but I want you to come visit Big Baby, and I want to come visit your towns. Here is my pertinent information:

Friend code: 3910-1019-7948
Town: Big Baby
My name: f~Body 

Post your pertinent information in the comments, or just send them to me.

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