Thursday, 1 January 2009

"Of the Month" January ’09

Link of the Month:
A news aggregate site dedicated entirely to Science Fiction and futuristic science fact. Y’know, the kinds of things that I’m interested in.

DVD of the Month:
The Fall
The best movie of 2008. Read my full review of it over in my Movie Reviews section.

BOOK of the Month:
Ghosts/Aliens by Trey Hamburger
Are you freaked out by the mere thought of a bird winking at you? Or do you panic when you hear an unexplained gurgling sound? Well, listen to this. On Saturday, March 8, at 7:12 PM, Trey Hamburger heard a secondhand account of a teleporting Hot Pocket and started wiggin’ out bad. So he and his amigo Mike Stevens basically went into combat mode and ended up encountering some of the most seriously messed-up s**t ever. And they’re STILL FREAKED OUT ABOUT IT. This is their story.

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