Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Presque Fini

So WordPress is all set up. The site is lookin’ pretty much how I want it to, though for some reason I can’t get any twitter widgets to actually work on my sidebar →

There is some legacy code in some of the old pages I ported over, but I’m fine with that for now.  My main navigation links changed, though, so I’m gonna have to go into each of my other sections (Movie Reviews and Articles) and change those templates. 

Here’s something I need, though: any of you out there in the tubes who have a blog AND know me personally, please send me the link for my links page.  This doesn’t count Livejournal or MySpace blogs or things like that.  You can either leave a comment or contact me directly. Help a brotha out!

Also: If anyone was following my RSS feed, you’ll probably have to re-subscribe seeing as how I’ve switched servers AND blogging software.  My feed is prolly all different.  SUBSCRIBE TO MY FEED NOW

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3 thoughts on “Presque Fini”

  1. I have a few; http://www.lithedark.com is probably the most relevant, though I post infrequently.

  2. http://yugamae.blogspot.com/ is stale now, but one day I’ll start writing again. I’m just a tad overwhelmed at the moment.

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