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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A New Frontier

Yesterday (Monday) Carrie & I went out and hung out with some Bead people at a local bar because it was a birfday party for one of them. That isn’t very unusual, but what was unusual was the fact that we didn’t head out until after 10:00 PM. It felt very strange… often we’re getting ready for bed at that time. ‘Cause we’re OLD, see.

Anyhoo, we picked @SphinxAkashaa up from his bus where it let him out on Commerce and met everybody down at the New Frontier Lounge, which we didn’t even know existed out there. They had a DJ who was spinning/mixing entirely reggae vinyl. It was interesting. The place is actually pretty cool, and it was nice to hang out with a bunch of Bead Babes & Boys.

We didn’t get back home until about Midnight:15, which is again very unusual for us. ‘Cause we’re OLD, see.

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