Thursday, 5 March 2009

Two Dreams in One Night

Last night I had two dreams, one of which I remember very well and the other only vaguely:

First off, I had a dream that the movie Cloverfield had been re-made in black & white and with only 1950s style special effects. The Cloverfield monster now only had one gigantic cyclops eye as well. Its arms were still long and gangly, but looked a lot like the alien from Twenty Million Miles to Earth. Much of the movie (particularly the climax) took place in a barren hilly area with a lot of fog instead of New York City. The stop-motion animation of the monster was less than convincing. Also, the main characters were a grizzled private eye and a gritty mechanic-slash-helicopter pilot.

Secondly, I had a dream wherein I was arguing with some vastly powerful form of self-aware cosmic energy. It was mad at me and/or humanity in general, and it kept on forming itself into a 6-foot-tall tire and trying to run me over while I was trying to calm it down. It transported me to “its realm,” which looked kinda like a green-and-white computer grid with lots of crystalline and diamond-shaped formations. There it continued to periodically turn into a green-and-blue tire, which I would have to dodge while continuing to try to calm it down. It wasn’t scary at all; this vastly-powerful cosmic entity was just kinda pathetic and I felt a little sorry for it.

I heart my dream people.

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