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Saturday, 2 May 2009

And Now Crazytime Begins

The first couple of weeks in May are always Crazytime because there are about 14 birthdays (including mine), an India Trunk Show at the Bead Factory, a Tidefest jurying, and a couple of Mothers’ Days. So scheduling anything becomes pretty nightmarish.

Fortunately before all of that kicked off (starts today), last night a whole bunches of us went to Showbox SoDo and saw Julia Massy & The Five-Finger Discount perform a set.

Julia Massey & the Five-Finger Discount

Hey, I know that guy...

An Electrified Fiddle. Who Can Figure Out Such Devices?

It was a good time. This is the third time we’ve gone and seen them perform so far this year. I suggest all of you do the same!

Lots of us were there, including Jason AKA Three Ninjas. Another Jason was there as well, and they both are of similar size, have beards, and wear glasses. So I suggested they form a band together and call it JJAASSOONN (pronounced “Jason”). I think I have a winner on my hands.

And now Crazytime begins.

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