Sunday, 24 May 2009

Three Ninjas Make Sleepstophers

Three Ninjas: Make Sleepstophers

Awesome guy Three Ninjas has released a little EP titled “Make Sleepstophers.” I’d like to think that it’s named partially after me. The “stophers” part of me. Anyway you should follow the link and buy a copy, ’cause it’s a hoot-and-a-half (if not MORE).

Also you should go see Three Ninjas live sometime, because he is also quite a bit of the hoots (if not MORE).

Oh, and the guy on the CD cover holding the giant plush? That’s none other than PZ Meyers, noted scientist and the guy who runs Pharyngula, a frequently very funny blog about science and anti-science. Getting him to pose for the cover of an album is quite a coup. Not a coup-d’etat or anything that big, but a coup nonetheless.

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