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Sunday, 5 July 2009

“Of the Month” July ’09

Sorry this is so late, but, hey, it was a holiday weekend!

Link of the Month:
My First Dictionary The Brick Testament
It’s the world’s largest, most comprehensive illustrated Bible. It is illustrated entirely using photos of LEGOs®. Hilarious and disturbing, it sheds brutal light on just how messed up the stories in the Bible actually are. So far they have 412 stories with 4,453 illustrations. And they’re constantly updating…

Game of the Month:
July 2009 Game of the Month Robo Defense
Something unusual for me this month: Robo Defense is only available for the T-Mobile G1. That’s right, it’s a phone video game. And it’s damnably addictive. It’s a tower defense game: enemy robots are trying to make their way into your base, and you have to build towers with various abilities in order to blow ’em up before they get there. Towers are upgradable and changeable. There are flying as well as ground-based enemies. It’s simple, but a strategically rewarding play.

DVD of the Month:
July 2009 DVD of the Month Burn After Reading
You might have missed this Coen Brothers gem when it came out late last summer (I know I did). It’s basically a story about espionage and intrigue in Washington D.C., except that everybody is an absolute idiot. They’re just complete morons. Okay, so there are a couple of characters who aren’t morons, but they’re completely unsympathetic jerks. It’s a comedy that is filmed and scored and directed as if it were a completely serious film in the intrigue genre that it is playing around with. One of the stranger Coen Bros. movies.

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