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Monday, 20 July 2009

Etsy It Up With Some Thirsty Robots

This weekend whilst Carrie was out of town (to canada with Missa’s annual family vacation) I went ahead and hauled out all of my etched glassware and took photos of about 90% of it. I then took those photos and used them to post the items on our Etsy Store!

I’d actually made a 40-cent version of one of those really expensive “light boxes.” I took a cardboard box, flipped it on its side so that the open flaps were now the front of the box. Then I cut out the roof and the two sides, leaving the back. I taped white tissue paper to the cut-out parts and then taped a piece of plain white wrapping paper to the back and floor.

Problem was, the etchings were way too subtle to show up on the plain white background. Like taking a picture of a snowball in a blizzard. I discovered they work much better with natural lighting and a darker background, like, say, my backyard:

Penguin Etched Pint Glass

See? Clear as can be!

So I posted about half a dozen glasses on the Etsy store and am going to post many more as the week goes on. I also added a little widget to my blog here. Look at the bottom of the right-hand column there →

See? It shows a couple of things from our Etsy site! Well, I think it’s pretty neat at any rate. Now I just have to sit Carrie down and have her post more than the one necklace she has up there, and we’ll be cooking with gas.

Anyhoo, go check out the newly improved:

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