Sunday, 19 July 2009

Fools Play War 2009

Every year Fools Play Improv declares war on Olympia’s Lakefair due to them trying to compete with our Saturday night entertainment. This is a just and righteous war. This year we sent out two powerful weapons: ANGRY BEEF and MIKE THE BLUE FOOL’S HAIR!

Let’s see how we did:

As you can see, Lakefair was completely destroyed. They won’t dare show their face again next year!

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One thought on “Fools Play War 2009”

  1. Mike Tanner says:

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaa. I like that the ticket sellers are the two most Olympia kids imaginable.
    I also liked- HEY! WAIT A TIC! Dinerwood is “Link of the Month” THAT’S RAD!

    ..anyway… What was a I saying?

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