Saturday, 26 September 2009

Sketches of Pefect Landscapes

Y’all wanna know something cool? I am now a music industry mogul! That’s right, I have helped to release an artist’s first solo album, for reals:


It’s the debut album by Terrapin Productions (the nom de plume of Gary Lappier), Sketches of Perfect Landscapes. It’s some 40 minutes of dreamy, spacey, groovy post-rock goodness. Right now it’s only available as a physical CD, but soon you’ll be able to find it on iTunes and Amazon mp3 and a dozen other music download places.

So now I am officially a music… not “producer.” Producer means something different in the music industry than it does in the movie or TV businesses. I didn’t have anything to do with the creation of the music or the recording process. I’m the guy who helped the artist to actually release his music into the wild. A record distributor? Is that the right term? I dunno; it’s confusing. All I know is that I’m awesome, and so is this album. Go get it NOW!

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