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Friday, 2 October 2009

So, In Order to Be Delicious…

Here’s what I did, see? I made a basic mirepoix, but then added a red bell pepper to it as well. I also cut the stuff up a bit chunkier than is usual for a mirepoix, ’cause I like that “rustic” feeling to my soups, and I’m too lazy to do any better. I sauteed all that up in a big pot for just a couple of minutes with a tiny bit of olive oil. But NO SALT! There will be plenty of salt in a bit.


Then I dumped in a bunch of sliced mushums, four enormous cloves of garlic chopped all chunky, and one entire kielbasa sliced into 1/4″ – 1/3″ slices. See, as it cooks the salt will leech out of the kielbasa, so at no point are you to add any extra, ’cause them kielbasas is salty enough for the lot o’ ya! I did add a bunch of freshly-cracked black pepper at this point, though.


Then after that has sauteed around for another couple of minutes, I poured in about a quarter cup of white wine (a Riesling) and some low-sodium vegetable stock, then added water until all of the ingredients were about an inch under the liquid.


Now I’m gonna simmer that for about an hour, so it should be ready exactly when Carrie gets home for dinner! I might grab some fresh flat-leaf parsley from the backyard and stir it in when I take the soup off the heat. I’m also considering adding a dollop of sour cream right before I serve it, but I’m not sure about that one. I’ll let Carrie decide on that. I am gonna bake up some crescent rolls to go with it, though!

It occurs to me now that the word “mirepoix” might not be common knowledge, so here:

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