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Monday, 5 October 2009

“Of the Month” October ’09

Link of the Month:
Breakfast of the Gods Breakfast of the Gods
A stunningly hilarious and frighteningly accurate parody of those mega-crossover “event” comics like Crisis on Infinite Earths, this is the story of a nefarious vampire and his monstrous henchmen plotting to plunge the world into eternal night. Only an army of unlikely heroes can stop evil from triumphing. Oh, and did I mention that the vampire is Count Chocula and that the heroes are led by Captain Crunch and Tony the Tiger? This comic has to be seen to be believed.

Album of the Month:
October 2009 Album of the Month Chubby Mummy: Extremely Hallowen: An Alblum
How can one describe this, perhaps the most quintessential Hallowen alblum ever recorded? This isn’t just Hallowen, after all; this is EXTREMELY HALLOWEEN. Hot Bokkin’ Harris and Stusan Willsing are at their most spooky and fright-inducing here. Just look at the titles of the tracks and try not to get freaked out of your gourd. YOU WILL FAIL AT NOT GETTING FREAKED OUT OF YOUR GOURD. Plus, and this’ll blow your mind just thinking about it, this alblum includes not only regular songs, but album songs as well!

DVD of the Month:
October 2009 DVD of the Month Lifeforce
This is absolutely the horror movie that has everything you could ever want: sci-fi monsters, vampires, body-possessing demons, frenzied zombies, and a lot of nudity. And that’s all just one character! This is a wonderfully schizophrenic mid-80s classic from Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist) that seems to shift genres ever 15 minutes or so. First it’s an Alien-style sci-fi spookfest. Then it’s a (naked) vampire movie. Then it’s about trying to track down an evil that’s hopping from body to body. Then it’s about a zombie/vampire outbreak in London. And then… it’s completely crazy and absolutely wonderful, and features a really fun small role by Patrick Stewart.

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