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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Three Ninjas @ Piecora’s

Thursday evening I headed up to Seattle to watch some Three Ninjas perform. He was at a pizza place called Piecora’s on Capitol Hill. He was performing as one of the headliners of “The Pickle,” which is some sort of fancy open mic night that happens every month. It took place in the back room of the back room of Piecora’s (seriously, you have to just keep going back).

They had some major, major technical difficulties and ended up starting almost an entire hour late. ‘Twas kinda crazy. The show opened (when it finally opened) with one of Jason & Geoff’s co-workers or something. He did a short set of singer/songwriter/solo guitar stuff.

Then there was a dance crew, who called themselves the Young Avengers. They were a group of kids/teens who had self-organized so they’d have something to do other than get into trouble, which is very admirable. They weren’t exactly the most polished and tightly choreographed of dance crews, but they had great enthusiasm. They called their dance style “Jerkin.'” I hadn’t heard of it before but apparently it’s a west coast thing. This was one of the first Jerk performances in Washington State, so that was kinda cool. Here’s a video of the kids practicing:

Then it was time for Three Ninjas and his friend Miss Geoff to perform. I recorded the show with Mathias’s camera. Weirdly, the show only took place like five blocks from Sandy & Mathias’s apartment, but neither of them came. Anyway, as you can see, the Young Avengers also became a part of the show!

I had to leave right after I stopped recording so I could go pick up Lawrence from work and drive us back home. I’d wanted to see more of the show, but they just started so danged late that I was 15 minutes late picking up Lawrence as it was.

When I got near to Lawrence’s house I got a phone call from my own wife saying that I should just stay there when I dropped him off ’cause she and some other Bead Babes were gonna meet us there and have wine and order pizzas. So that’s what happened, and it was great fun.


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