Friday, 23 April 2010

Baman Piderman Comic Strips

It’s taking the creators of Baman Piderman so long to come out with the next episode of the cartoon that it’s making them feel bad. In order to say they’re sorry for taking so long, they’re drawing quick Baman Piderman comic strips to tide us all over. Like these:


You can, of course, watch all previous episodes of Baman Piderman over at their channel on YouTube. You can also visit the website of their creators, Lindsay and Alex. But it looks like the only place you can see these new daily comics is at Baman Piderman’s Facebook Page. So go over there and “Like” it.

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One thought on “Baman Piderman Comic Strips”

  1. I love the web show and I made some draws of that characters… I love those comics and I would love to read more of watch more… They are weird but cute… Are you the owner of those characters? I LOVE PUMPKIN!!!!!!

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