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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

@wilw’s twitter hijack hijinks

I like twitter for interactions like these. You see, Wil Wheaton’s basically-fully-grown son Ryan has an amusing habit of sneaking his own tweets into Wil’s account when Wil isn’t paying attention. As Wil explains:

We play this game where he tries to hijack my Twitter account when he comes home … which he is currently winning by a VERY wide margin. 1

So a few weeks ago during a rather regular day of tweeting from Wil, we suddenly get this:

Hey Ryan is the best!

Ryan (slowly, is if to a child): What did we learn?
Me: rassum frassum rassa…

And then, a few minutes later…

Seriously Wil…. Ryan is amazing.


And then again just last week:

Ryan sure is awesome. Yes he is.

@wilw DAMMIT RYAN! I’m out at the barbecue, making *YOUR* dinner! rassum frassum sassum …

I always look forward to these Ryan hijackings. And besides which, Wil Wheaton is one of the more entertaining celebrity tweeters out there, so follow him if’n ye ain’t already (though ye probably already are).

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