Thursday, 10 June 2010

LaLa Yags

A really cool thing happened in Tacoma recently. It seems there’s a new urban street artist at work. But instead of tagging things with paint or stickers, both of which can be difficult to remove, this artist is wrapping various poles and signposts around town with crocheted yarn! It’s yarn tagging, or “yagging” as I’ve decided to call it.

I saw this yag at southeast corner of 6th Ave & Alder (at the former location of the ABC Chinese restaurant). “Imagine the infinite possibilities that each day holds.”


The artist was thoughtful enough to sign the back of the yag:


So her name is “LaLa.” I think that this is a spectacularly awexome form of street art because

  1. Pretty!
  2. Unobtrusive: if you didn’t know it was there you might just miss it.
  3. Easily removable: if someone really doesn’t like it, all they need is a pair of scissors or a knife and they can cut that sucka down (or if someone wants to own an original LaLa piece).
  4. Pretty!

The Feed Tacoma blog also found a yag! I’m not sure where this one is, but it looks like it’s on a stop sign:


I say, “Good job, LaLa! Keep it up, and add some prettiness to Tacoma!”

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