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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Moving On…

So you may have noticed, those of you who may have frequented here this past month, that I’ve posted almost exclusively a bunch of Movie Reviews and one Article. Well, that’s what I call “housekeeping.” See, I got way behind on my Movie Reviews on 2010, to the extent that when 2011 rolled around I had seven movie reviews in the backlog that I needed to write.

I really wanted to write an article about my Favorite Things from 2010, but I couldn’t in all good conscience write a 2011 article until I was done with all the stuff I was supposed to be done with from 2010. So that’s why with one exception all of my posts in January have been movie reviews, then when I finally finished those I put up the article.

So now that ALL of that is out of the way, I can finally get back to the business of posting things that interest me, or random thoughts that occur to me, or interesting happenings or dreams (and maybe even *gasp* being able to write more than two or three articles during the course of the year). In fact, on Thursday I went to a museum and an art gallery, then yesterday I went to a rock show in Seattle, so tomorrow (and maybe even the next day) expect a post or two about that stuff.

Why did I get so behind? Well, because in many ways 2010 was a really crappy year. A lot of really good stuff happened, too, but still, 2010 had some of the more stressful times in it. I didn’t get done basically any of my goals because I was too busy being stressed out about dealing with stressful stuff. 2011 is so far shaping up to be much better, but it’s still dealing with the ramifications of what transpired in 2010. I am just going to take this moment to pro-actively dub 2011 as “THE YEAR OF MASSIVE CHANGES” (most all of them good). Just wait, you’ll see. I’ll post about one of those up-coming changes around the end of this month.

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