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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

“Of the Month” February 2011

Link of the Month:
A webcomic about prohibition-era St. Louis has much of what you’d expect from such a thing: speakeasies, flappers, pinstripes, tommy-guns, moonshiners, heavies, and dames. But you might not expect that it is one of the most lushly-illustrated webcomics I’ve ever seen. Seriously, it makes other webcomics look like they were drawn by four-year-olds using their non-dominant hand. It’s also meticulously researched and strives to be as historically accurate as possible. And let’s not forget that it’s hilarious and dramatic and thoroughly entertaining. And it’s about anthropomorphic cats.

Album of the Month:
JP Inc.: An Album of Distinction
You might know JP by his former musician name of Pleaseeasaur. In his new identity, JP has crafted a concept album: JP Incorporated is a company that crafts “Music Themes for Quality Television Programs.” The album is a parade of howlingly-funny horrible theme songs for horrible-sounding TV shows, such as “Lietenant Custard & His Banger of Time,” “Family Comedy,” “Gymnastics Dad,” and “The Internet” (and those are all just on the first half of the album), interspersed with some commercial work, such as the recurring “Common Scents” and the heavy-metal band Crap Factory. The songs are all purposefully incompetent and sometimes hilariously and aggravatingly accurate, especially to 1980s TV theme songs. Take a listen to some sample tracks here:
The Internet:
Jacuzzi Air:
And here’s the video for “Jazzbot Xtreme”

Game of the Month:
Kirby’s Epic Yarn
One of the most visually stunning Wii games I’ve ever played, Epic Yarn re-tools the familiar Kirby franchise and spins a new game where everything is composed entirely of yarn and fabric and buttons. But it isn’t just a visual style; the side-scrolling platformer gameplay is based almost entirely on incredibly creative ways to manipulate and interact with the various fabric environments and yarn characters. Kirby’s Epic Yarn is simply a joy to play, and is a surprisingly relaxing and happy experience. It’s low on the challenge level (much like Lego Star Wars, you can’t actually die), but the whole point is to be able to experience the lush fullness of the game, not get frustrated by its challenges. So much fun!

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