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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

“Of the Month” March 2011

Link of the Month:
Boxcar 2D
A shockingly addictive “game” in which randomly-generated, wheeled vehicles are pitted against one of several 2-dimensional terrains. The cars that do the best in any given round then “breed” to create the cars of the next generation. A fascinating simulation of how environment shapes evolution as the cars “evolve” to be better and better over the course of many generations. You can introduce other factors, such as a chance of mutation or a “seed” car that you can design yourself. I suggest you load this website before going to bed and then checking on it in the morning to see just how many generations have passed and how evolution has shaped your creations.

Album of the Month:
Geli Wuerzner: Before the Eye
Electric violin virtuoso Geli Wuerzner participated in the RPM Music Challenge: record an entire album in the month of February 2011. The result is this remarkable 10-song album, which is in turn beautiful, haunting, and just plain pretty! Mostly instrumental, but periodically Geli’s voice appears to blend perfectly with her strings, and there are pianos, organs (as in the delightful “Spectacle“) and even some electronica sounds. Take a listen, but more importantly it’s only $6.00 for the entire album! Support local independent musicians!

Game of the Month:
Tetris Party
Man-o-man, is my wife ever addicted to Tetris, though it comes and goes in phases; she’ll spend entire months playing it nonstop, and then take a year-long break from it before picking it up again. This year we got the Wiiware Tetris Party with a gift card I got for Christmas, and I have to say—it really is a lot of fun. There are some crazy modes and special items (especially the one that drops a tiny little man into the playing field that you have to try not to squish). The multi-player modes are where it’s at, though, whether playing with your wife as she sits intensely on the couch next to you or playing with people around the world via wi-fi. It’s a hoot.

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