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Monday, 14 March 2011

The Alcohol-Fueled Goodness of Hard Sauce

So let’s be hypothetical for a moment, okay? Let’s say you’re making some sorta baked good. Y’know, the kinda thing that you’d normally slather a bunch of frosting on top of. Let’s say you’re kinda bored with regular ol’ frosting. You want something that’ll really wow your guests. Really knock there socks off, see?

I recommend hard sauce. How do you make hard sauce?

There are a bunch of different recipes out there on teh intarwebs, but general consensus is a cup or so of butter, a slightly larger amount of confectioner’s sugar, and at least a couple of tablespoons of hard liquor.

Yes that’s right. LIQUOR. That’s why it’s called hard sauce. Though I’m still not quite sure why it’s called sauce instead of frosting or icing.

Most recipes will recommend brandy, but I personally really enjoy whiskey/bourbon hard sauce. You can get one of them tiny bottles of hooch for just a couple of bucks. Go ahead and spring for a tiny Maker’s Mark and you can’t go wrong.

Maker's Mark + Frosting = <3

Cupcake photo by sciascia

Anyhoo, you cream the butter and sugar, then add the hooch. Spread it on something um-nummy like zucchini muffins or bread pudding. HOO-BOY let me tells you — that’s some good, good, good stuffs. The flavor of the whiskey/bourbon sweetened with all that sugar is fan-frikkin’-tastic on any sorta baked good you’d normally put regular ol’ frosting all up ons.

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