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Friday, 1 April 2011

“Of the Month” April 1st 2011

Link of the Month:
Link of the Month Housewife Alert
Finally, a website that’s a news aggregate that meticulously follows the most important, newsworthy subjects of all time: the Housewives of the ALL various “Real Housewives” shows. Truly, these good, honest, decent, intelligent, level-headed, sane women are deserving of all of our time and energy and adulation, and this website makes it so that you can now spend ALL of your time focusing on these women, who truly represent everything that is good in the world.

Book of the Month:
Book of the Month Dude, What Were You On!? by Richard Lockhart
An hilarious treatise that uses detailed speculation about what drugs the creators of any form of art that is slightly outside the rigid confines of conformity must have been on, because we all know that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be at all creative if you’re clean and sober! My favorite section is on all the crazy drugs that They Might Be Giants must be on to write such WACKY and WEIRD music!

Movie of the Month:
DVD of the Month Remember that Rain in November Falls Too Soon
This movie is absolutely, hands-down the best-ever movie in my favorite of all genres, the romantic film where a sensitive guy falls in love with a beautiful girl who is slowly dying of a mysterious disease that doesn’t affect her physically in hardly any way up until the beautifully romantic scene where she dies at the end. This movie, starring Joel McHale and Anne Hathaway, puts such films as Sweet November, A Walk to Remember, Autumn in New York, and Here on Earth (to name just a few) to SHAME! It’s so romantic, especially when Anne Hathaway dies at the end!

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