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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Don’t Be Alarmed

So you may have noticed (unless you’re reading this via a feed reader) that there are two gigantic ads on this website now. Like this one:

Don’t be alarmed; earlier today I went to a Google Adwords seminar and learned all about the crazy/cool algorithms that Google uses to read a website and then match it up with appropriate ads.

That got me thinking: What the heck would Google think of my website? What ads would it match to my content?

So I decided to carve out two spaces on my website to show Google ads. I’m going to be taking periodic, random screenshots of the ads that are running there, and in a few weeks I’d like to write an Article about what Google thinks of me. I think this will be a fun experiment.

So don’t worry; I haven’t sold out or anything. But I won’t complain if someone clicks on an ad and sends a couple of cents my way.

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