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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A Month of Favorite Tweets

Twitter has a feature that I really like that is sorely lacking in both Facebook and Google+, and that is the “favorites” feature. It’s simple. Click the little star next to a post, and it is added to your “favorites” list. Then you can look at your list and see all of the posts to which you’ve ever added a star.

It’s exactly like the star system that Google already uses in Gmail, which is why it’s so mystifying to me that it isn’t in Google+. When you click that “+1” button on someone’s Google+ post, it seems to vanish into the ether; there’s no way to see a list of Google+ posts to which you’ve given a +1. Facebook’s “likes” have the exact same problem. I needs me a page that lists out everything I’ve ever “liked” in chronological order.

So Twitter wins this round!

Here’s how I personally use the Twitter favorites feature: When I see a post that has a link that looks interesting and that I might want to watch/read/listen to but for some reason I am unable to do so at that time (I’m in a hurry; I’m in the car (as a passenger); I’m on the john; I’m at work; It doesn’t work right on my phone; etc), then I just click the star. Later when I’m in a better position to look at it (i.e., I’m at home on my laptop), I’ll go into my list of favorites and peruse the links at my leisure.

So here are all of the tweets that I favorited in the month of August. What do they say about me? I have no idea. They are presented without comment:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/Mike_Eagle/status/98615008438652931″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/Mike_Eagle/status/100053582237286400″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/godlessgirl/status/100984566298320897″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/CityofTacoma/status/101044995854827520″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/NatheLawver/status/101782209601609729″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/edgarwright/status/101930945636081666″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/SethGreen/status/102604352845398016″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/feliciaday/status/102756442477563904″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/Andy_Richter/status/102795548574220288″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/BoingBoing/status/103163053318742016″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/ebertchicago/status/103492524827611136″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/ebertchicago/status/103515135301259264″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/leenirama/status/103903017622970368″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/ebertchicago/status/105765004711694336″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/Three_Ninjas/status/105837389980762115″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/MinkCarCover/status/105849321236332544″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/ebertchicago/status/105872046310957056″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/mariancall/status/105888680912228352″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/mariancall/status/105909705179799552″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/Molly23/status/105967949956911104″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/Mike_Eagle/status/107559492216037378″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/tangentbot/status/108018627806113792″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/ebertchicago/status/108165779748433920″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/mariancall/status/108319743823462400″]
[blackbirdpie url=”!/jonathancoulton/status/109001954532917248″]

There. I thought that was kinda interesting. That was my August in tweets.

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