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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Great Ideas on the Internets: Flip Steady iPad Cover

Flip Steady iPad Cover and Stand

Sometimes something comes along that just kinda knocks your socks off a little bit. Such was the case with the Flip Stead iPad Cover project on Kickstarter.

We’ve all seen iPad covers before, but they’ve all been kinda… lacking? But this Flip Steady is an ubelievably ingenious piece of functional origami that automatically turns into a stand when you flip it open. And you don’t ever have to reach behind the iPad to adjust it; it adjusts itself to however you orient your tablet.

Just take a look at this video:

The Flip Steady is a really amazing Tacoma success story. Developed by native Tacoman Isaiah Coberly & manufactured locally, it started with a goal of $10,000. It reached that goal in just a couple of days and is now rapidly approaching $25,000 with three weeks still to go before it closes.

I do not own an iPad (or any tablet), but if I did I would definitely be throwing down the $75 for the deluxe magnetized version (magnets powerful enough to hold the iPad to a fridge). But if I do get an iPad down the road, it’s good to know that this got enough funding to produce plenty of ’em. In fact, they’ve gotten so much over goal that they’re going to design a Flip Steady for another type of tablet, and you can vote for which one!

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