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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Vidreoviews – Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Hello! And welcome to my first-ever installment in my new “Vidreoviews” feature here on I think once a week I’m going to do a round-up of (very) quick reviews of all the movies that I saw on DVD/Blu-Ray/OnDemand/Netflix/Streaming. Probably not stuff that was edited for TV and had commercials spliced in.

For my first installment: Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol. I liked it quite a bit. Brad Bird (of Iron Giant and The Incredibles fame) is a nimble, exciting director. The action sequences are tense and (most importantly) crystal-clear; you can tell exactly where everything is in relationship to everything else at all times. Excitement isn’t artificially generated by quick cuts and crazy angles. The excitement is inherent in the action, and the camera only serves to enhance the experience, not make it confusing and disjointed. There are some great spy-movie twists to the script (especially some revelations involving Jeremy Renner’s character). There were a couple of instances, though, where it seemed beyond suspension-of-disbelief levels that nobody saw what the M:I team were doing in public spaces. Seriously, there were NOBODY behind ANY of those windows that Hunt climbs past? And NOBODY in the ENTIRE CITY OF DUBAI was looking at that building during the several minutes that he was out there? And especially when broken glass (among other things) started falling? And there were no security guards, customers, or even random pedestrian observers at the automated parking garage? Stretching it quite a bit, folks. Still, quibbles. It’s a great movie, and my favorite M:I other than Brian DePalma’s original.

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